A graduate of North Dakota State University, Mitch has a BA in Architecture and a BS in Architectural Studies. He began his career in architecture, construction and real estate development in 1985, and founded Mitchell J Architecture, Inc., with his wife and partner, Bodie Campagna, in 1998. Mitch’s diversified experience includes designing and building residential properties, telecommunication sites, mixed-use buildings, high-rise apartments and multi-family projects. His portfolio includes the Vernetti Stadium in Coronado, 200+ restaurants, 2000+ telecom facilities, and over 1500 multi-family residential units. Some of his national clients include AT&T, General Dynamics, Clearwire, Sprint, T-Mobile, the US Coast Guard, Navy, and Verizon. Mitch is licensed in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. He is an expert in cost estimating, scheduling, production, and management techniques. From site development to securing financing, Mitch’s collective experience ensures each project runs efficiently.



Bodie is graduate of San Diego State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. She has also been active in San Diego Real Estate since 1992. Bodie began her career in real estate working first as a Title Representative, and then as a licensed Realtor since 1995. Bodie helped to found Mitchell J Architecture, Inc., with her husband and partner, Mitch, in 1998. Bodie is the CFO for MJA and also oversees the Site Acquisition Division for the company. Her real estate background has been a great asset to her success at the business. Bodie has also served for 3 years as the PTF Vice President at her son’s school, and also has worked on several school committees over the years. Bodie has also been an Ambassador for the San Diego Food Allergy Support Group.


Thank you for always providing solutions and for the follow up, at all times, on all matters. You represent one of the best companies that I have ever worked with due to your efforts, and you make our jobs easier.
— Jarrett Ramaiya, MA Chief (LD) Planning & Development Services, County of San Diego
We worked with Mitchell J Architecture on a few projects in San Diego and they were very experienced, detailed, and professional. I personally met on site with Mitch as he gave his extra time and attention to make sure all the challenging details came out right. They are one of the Best A&E firms we have worked with here in Southern California and Mitch and his team are a pleasure to work with.
— Robert J. Hunt, Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas, CEO Peer Groups, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Marketing Leadership